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Pizza Hot Pizza

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After receiving word of mouth recommendation, we decided to give Pizza Hot Pizza a try. Initially, we were fairly skeptical, as it sounded like another desi pizza joint. However, to our surprise their tandoori chicken pizza, extra hot wings and garlic bread were delicious!

We have had pretty terrible experience with tandoori chicken pizzas, as they are usually subpar; however this was surprisingly good! We are very much looking forward to visiting them again, hopefully in the near future!

Price wise, they are fairly decent. They are not charging exorbitant amounts, as some desi pizza joints have been lately.

Pizza Hot Pizza (in Mississauga) is located in a strip plaza, sort of tucked away to the side. Though they have a few seats available in a tight space, it is primarily a takeout.


3899 Trelawny Circle

Mississauga, ON

L5N 6S4


905 826 4477 or 905 826 9631

Website:  << We like their website.

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