Two sisters just blogging about their passion: halal food!


Zem One


So one of us sisters is a fan of Japanese food, whilst the other isn’t. Since we’re always looking to try new restaurants and willing to take let our palates try something new, we decided to venture off to Zem One, halal Japanese restaurant in Mississauga.

With time we did learn that a conventional Japanese restaurant tends to use alcohol in their seafood and vegetarian items, so we were excited to try an alcohol-free halal Japanese restaurant.

After going through their extensive, yet exciting menu, we decided to order Tom Yum Soup, Hot & Sour Soup, Assorted Tempura (Shrimp & Veg.), Spicy Dynamite Roll and Pad Thai.

Of the two sisters, I’m less enthusiastic about Japanese food, but to my surprise every item that we ordered was superb!

Hot & Sour Soup

Hot & Sour soup was good, which it usually is at a whole bunch of restaurants; however, Tom Yum soup is usually disappointing at most restaurants. One spoonful of it and I was sold, as was my sister!


Both soups were a bit on the salty side but we didn’t mind it. The soups were flavourful and delicious.

Next, we tried Assorted Tempura which consisted of deep fried vegetables (eggplant and sweet potato) and shrimp. Tempura is basically vegetables and seafood dipped in batter and deep fried.  Since everything deep fried is heavenly good, so was this dish.  Tempura is usually everyone’s favourite and so it goes fast and we always end up wanting more.  It is served with sweet ginger, soy sauce (not pictured here) which is the perfect dipping sauce. We highly recommend ordering this item.

Assorted Tempura

We also tried the Chicken Pad Thai, rice noodles stir fried with egg, bean sprout, and green onions in a tamarind sauce. It was garnished with roasted peanuts and lime.  We thought it was a pretty solid pad thai with lots of flavours, textures and crunch. Yum!

Pad Thai

The last and most nerve wrecking item was Spicy Dynamite Roll (with Shrimp). Since one of us sister’s gets nervous about eating raw fish, this item was the perfect solution. The Spicy Dynamite Roll consists of shrimp tempura (cooked shrimp), cucumer, avocado, crab meat (we weren’t aware crab meat was there; we will request to have it removed next time from the roll), yam tempura with teriyaki sauce, spicy mayo and garlic sauce. This roll was amazing! Although it was packed with lots of ingredients, it was very light and refreshing. It was fairly spicy; however, the avocado and shrimp balanced it out well. This item is a must try!

Spicy Dynamite Roll

Needless to say, we’ve returned to Zem One and have enjoyed their food. We are both now equally enthusiastic about Zem One’s food and often drive out of our way to visit this restaurant.

The decor is quite decent and the restaurant is well maintained. The service has been excellent every time we have visited.They offer All You Can Eat lunch and dinner specials as well.


4555 Hurontario Street,

Mississsauga ON, L4Z 3M2


(905) 712-1615