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Fresh East by Paramount

Did you read our review of Fresh East on Halal Foodie? If not, go check it out. We loved, loved, loved the breakfast sandwich. Mmm…


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Chef’s Door

Chef's Door

Mississauga has no shortage of Middle Eastern fast food restaurants and we have our favourite(s), but we wanted to try something different. Since we were in the Streetsville neighbourhood we decided to do visit Chef’s Door. Chef’s Door is located in Streetsville’s quaint neighbourhood. There are tons and tons of nice restaurants, including Middle Eastern fast food restaurants, all at a walking distance.

Chef's Door


Chef's Door

Chef’s Door has a spacious seating area and an open concept kitchen, so you can enjoy watching your food getting prepared and select toppings and sauces of your choice. They do have a TV as well (with Middle Eastern entertainment programs), so if you’re doing take-out like us or dining in, you won’t get bored.

Their menu offer similar variety as most other Shawarma restaurants. We already had our minds made up and decided to order Chicken Shawarma Plate and Chicken Shawarma Wrap.

Chef's Door - Chicken Shawarma Sandwich

We first tried Chicken Shawarma Wrap and loved it. There was ample chicken in the wrap and the sauces were amazing. We devoured it within minutes. There were no regrets whatsoever.

Chef's Door - Chicken Shawarma Plate

We then shared the Chicken Shawarma Plate. First bite and we found it to be different from the competitors/our usual favourites. Second bite and we really liked it! The sauces were slightly different, but very good. This was the first time where the potatoes were seasoned well and served with red sauce. Though you may not be able to see rice in the picture, Chicken Shawarma plate was served on a bed of rice. It wasn’t plain rice, but were well-seasoned rice. Shawarma chicken was also cooked and seasoned very well. The sauces (red sauce, white sauce, garlic sauce and hummus) altogether just raised the shawarma plate to another level. We’re not saying it was out of the world, rather the sauces and seasoning were somewhat different, so we enjoyed the unique taste very much.

We did find Chef’s Door to be slightly pricey.

Our mouths are watering as we are writing this review and can’t wait to go back!

Chef’s Door has several locations in Oakville and one in Mississauga. We visited the Mississauga location.

Please visit their website for menu, prices and location details: Chef’s Door

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Tasty Shawarma

Check out our review of Tasty Shawarma on Halal Foodie.

“In our first bite we tried to get a little bit of everything on the fork and were shocked at how delicious the food was!  Yes, shocked. The chicken was juicy and tender but also a little crispy, just the way we like it. Even the non-traditional salad was kicked up a notch as it had hints of spice in it.”


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Yalla Paramount

Yalla Paramount Truck

Yalla Paramount Menu

We are a regular at Paramount Fine Foods and enjoy a variety of their menu items. Yalla Paramount has some of the regular items, but Yalla Special is something that hasn’t been offered at Paramount restaurants, so we were very excited to try it. We were under the impression that it would be fries with chicken and seasoning, but it wasn’t just any plain/bland chicken, it was Paramount’s shawarma chicken that went really well with the fries! Of course their garlic sauce along with a mixture of other seasonings made Yalla Special a winner! If you happen to enjoy fries (yes deep fried goodness) and Paramount’s shawarma chicken (also fried) and their signature sauces, then you have to try it out.

Yalla Paramount

Oh, we did receive two $5 off (at Paramount Fine Foods restaurants) coupons as well, which really sweetened the deal for us.

We also ordered Shish Taouk Sandwich, which lived up to expectations. We’ve had it in the past at Paramount and it turned out just as delicious and filling.




We recently heard that Osmow’s now has an ISNA certificate with regards to their meat/meat supplier.

As always we loved their chicken shawarma. A word of caution: their hot/extra hot sauce can be very strong for some individuals (including us; though we claim to be able to eat very spicy food).

This time around we also tried their famous Chicken on the Rocks, which is essentially a chicken shawarma plate (minus the veggies); however, their are very generous with the amount of sauces that they use (unlike most other shawarma places). So it’s their same great tasting chicken shawarma served on a bed of rice (we believe adding fries to the plate is also an option) smothered with all sorts of sauces.

We have only visited the Streetsville location so far. This location is really a takeout restaurant and parking is a problem!


251 Queen Street South, Unit 1

Mississauga, Ont

L5M 1L7