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Intense Poutine Craving


We had the biggest poutine craving a few weeks ago. What triggered our craving were our blog stats, which kept showing people searching for “halal poutine Toronto”. The problem was, we didn’t know where to go. We wanted GOOD poutine; a poutine that would be worth the calories. For someone living in the east end of Toronto, we were surprised that we had such a hard time finding a place. Our options were:

– Crown Pizza

– Affy’s

– Flavour’s Cafe

– Big Moe’s

All three options were a bit of a drive so decided against them. That is where our list ended.  We were certain that there must be more places to grab poutine at but nothing was coming to mind!

After a lot of thought we remembered that Sizzling Skillet has decent poutine. Since we live a few minutes away, we hoped this place would satisfy our craving.

One word for the poutine: awesome! It doesn’t get any better than waffles fries smothered in gravy and cheese. They sprinkle red pepper on top which really elevates this french fry dish.

So the next time you are in the east end and are craving poutine, visit Sizzling Skillet.


2290 Markham Rd

Toronto, ON M1B 2W4


(416) 321-9991



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Big Mamma’s House – Burgers & Ribs

Big Mamma's House

We have been wanting to try Big Mamma’s House – Burgers & Ribs since we heard about it at the Halal Food Fest. Unfortunately, we couldn’t try it at the Halal Food Fest due to long lineups and along with the fact that it was pouring that afternoon. Since we were in the Durham area recently , we decided to try it out.

Big Mamma's House

Big Mamma’s House has a look that resonates with burger joints from the 60s and 70s. We loved how it’s well maintained (nice and clean sitting area). Since it was getting pretty late in the evening and it was almost closing time, we quickly ordered:

Big Mamma's House

The Big Momma’s House burger: This burger was well enjoyed by our guest who was looking forward to  a double beef patty burgers. All the ingredients gelled well, that made the burger quite flavourful.

Big Mamma's House

The Big Spice: This was one of the burgers we were very much looking to try. We found this burger just as delicious as the preceding burger.

The menu is expansive you can be assured that hopefully everyone. We could tell within the first few bites that the burger patties were made from scratch and prepared right in front of us.

Big Mamma's House

We tried their fries and loved the fact that they were hand cut with some skin still on. One word: tasty.

There are now gourmet burger joints all across GTA and if you happen to be in Pickering, Ajax and Whitby area, you should try out this burger joint.

For more information, please visit: Big Mamma’s House – Burgers & Ribs

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Big Al’s Flyin’ Phillys: Revisited

Check out our review from our third visit to Big Al’s Flyin’ Phillys:


“The Notorious BBQ Sandwich consists of thinly sliced sautéed ribeye steak, cheese (we picked American cheese), onions and BBQ sauce. It was the most scrumptious cheese steak we ever took a bite of. There was a generous portion of well-cooked, super tender steak, which is the heart and soul of any good cheese steak sandwich.”

Click here for full article.


Quik Chik

Quik Chik

We were in the mood for deep fried greasy goodness and recalled Quik Chik. We recalled hearing it used to be one of the bigger Popeyes location in the recent past, so we thought it may be safe to give Quik Chik a try.

Quik Chik

Quik Chik

Upon entering, we were pleased with the ambiance. It was freshly painted and the furniture looked new.

Quik Chik

We ordered 3 pc chicken strips, 2 sandwiches with fries, poutine and biscuit for sides.

We first tried 3 pc chicken strips and totally loved’em! We had to take a couple of bites to really enjoy the taste. The best part? It was far less oily/greasy than Popeyes. We next tried the biscuit, which was good too. Slightly less buttery and salty than the biscuits we’ve tried in the past.

Quik Chik

We then tried the Chicken Sandwich, which we thought was fine. The bun was not as soft as we expected. The chicken patty was fine. Again, less oily, which was good.

The fries and poutine tasted fine as well. The drinks that came with the combo appeared to be large sized and came with free refills.

Chicken strips were our favourite! We can confidently say that whenever we’re in the mood for fried chicken, we would definitely go back to Quik Chik.

Lastly, we found their customer service to be good and the our order arrived promptly as well. Overall, it was a good experience.

For menu, location and other information, please visit: Quik Chik

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Kara Mia

We’ve been a regular at Kara Mia for as long as we can remember. To this day Kara Mia remains our favourite.

The Muslims in GTA have either heard of or at least tried Kara Mia and everyone has their own favourites. One thing that everyone agrees on is their customer service is amazing!

Bruchetta Chicken Saffron Poutine with Peppercorn Sauce

We, the sisters have tried a number of different items on the menu, the following is our favourite so far:

  • Chicken Saffron – love the smooth velvety sauce, the taste of saffron of course, and strong creamy/buttery taste. It goes down so well!
  • Penne Picante Rose (Chicken) – another one of our red/tomato sauce favourites
  • Poutine with Peppercorn Sauce – we absolutely love it! We love the crispy fries in peppercorn sauce, topped with baked mozarella cheese. Yum!
  • Pina Colada

We’ve frequented the Vaughan location so often that the server would see us walking in and figure that we’re going to be ordering Chicken Saffron, Poutine with Peppercorn sauce and Pina Coladas.

We’ve had better experience at the Vaughan location, both in terms of food taste/quality as well as customer service; hence, we prefer it over the Mississauga location.

We highly recommend giving this place a try, if you haven’t already done so.

Please visit their website for details: Kara Mia


New York Fries Poutine

New York Fries Poutine

We are halal food enthusiasts and we like enjoying food that is halal. Albeit we usually dine at restaurants serving complete halal menu, we do eat at other establishments where certain food items are halal. Of course caution always needs to be taken and when in doubt avoid it or ask for details.

Recently we contacted a couple of New York Fries locations in GTA and learned that the gravy in poutine is vegetable based. We even had a couple of vegan and vegetarian friends confirm it. So we tried it and enjoyed it. In addition to having a yummy New York Fries, having a decent poutine coupled with mozzarella cheese curds made the experience worthwhile for us.

The information regarding vegetable based gravy in poutine is accurate around the time we blogged about it. Also, it is only their regular poutine that is okay (and not Pulled Pork Poutine, Braised Beef Poutine or Butter Chicken Poutine). Please check and confirm prior to consuming poutine at New York Fries.

Addendum: We confirmed with New York Fries that the rennet in the cheese curds is vegetable based.