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Saffron Foods


Excited by the idea of the first authentic Hyderabadi restaurant in the GTA, we were uber excited to visit Saffron Foods when it first opened up a few months ago. We have a few Hyderabadi friends and we always enjoy eating food at their homes. Some of our favourites are Khatti Daal, Red Chicken and Double Ka Meetha.


The interior of the restaurant had an old world feel to it. Ethnic wall hangings, pictures of historic buildings and historic looking decor pieces. We looked at the menu and were eager to find our favourite items on there. The menu was modest and, unfortunately, had none of the items we were looking forward to. To us, the menu seemed to mostly have the usual Indian dishes: butter chicken, palak paneer, chicken tikka. That didn’t seem too Hyderabadi to us, but maybe these dishes had a Hyderabadi touch to it?

Trying really hard to pick Hyderabadi items, we decided to order Yoga Chicken (never heard of it before) and Chicken Dum Ki Biryani, along with Garlic Naan. The Biryani came with Bagharey Baigan and Raita.

IMG_8320 IMG_8321

The Chicken Dum Ki Biryani was very mild in terms of both flavour and spice level. The raita complimented it well. We really enjoyed the Bagharey Baigan though! The Yoga Chicken was the best item we tried. It had the Hyderabadi flavours we were familiar with. It had that certain “bhagar” that we know is done to many of the dishes with karri patta, turmeric, zeera and coriander seeds. This dish really satisfied our Hyderabadi food craving.


Overall, we enjoyed our dining experience at Saffron Foods. We do wish that the menu would offer more Hyderabadi dishes.


1710 Lakeshore Blvd
Mississauga, Ontario


(905) 822-2222