Two sisters just blogging about their passion: halal food!


Hwy 55- Oakville


We had been wanting to try Hwy 55 for quite some time but always backed out for one reason or another. So this past Ramadan, we decided to visit this diner for their Islamic Relief fundraising event. The restaurant was packed with people, with people lined up outside of the doors! Luckily for us, we had made reservations and got seats.

Since we were all fasting, we decided to go all out with the order. We ordered the John Boy and Billy BBQ Bacon (halal beef strips) Burger, fries, gravy fries and onion rings. The wait for the food was quite long, but it was due to the crazy rush that day. Let us tell you, the food was definitely worth the wait!


The John Boy and Billy BBQ Bacon (halal beef strips) Burger had a burger patty topped with an onion ring (yum!) along with mustard, chill, halal beef strips aka bacon, cheese and their special sauce. It was a solid burger and we thoroughly enjoyed it. IMG_8801

The Gravy Fries was also one of our favourites. Finger licking good gravy was smothered on top of crispy fries and it made for the perfect combination.


This diner, with its old school style and decor, is worth a visit. We can’t wait to visit again, except that we probably should be fasting to justify the high fat, high calorie meal.


548 Trafalgar Road

Oakville, ON L6J 3J2