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Bismillah Sweets (BM Sweets)


If you know us, you know that we are die hard mithai fans. Ever since we moved to the west end of the city, we have been on the lookout for a good mithai shop.

We heard of BM Sweets through a relative and they were raving about their sweets. Since BM Sweets doesn’t have a website, Facebook group or any sort of presence online, it was a bit of challenge to find. But we did find it eventually in the Heartland area of Mississauga.


It’s a small takeout shop with friendly customer service. On our first visit, we got a small box of assorted mithai. The mithai at BM Sweets is pretty darn good. We particularly enjoyed the barfi and the gulab jamuns. On a subsequent visit, we tried their jalebi and also found that to be delicious.

Whenever we go with our little one, they have always given us a free piece of mithai. Someone sure knows how to win our hearts.


Our family enjoys their samosas a lot. We tried the chicken and veggie samosas that came with free chutney (yes, free). Our favourite are the chicken samosas. Being South Asians, we have a never ending love affair with samosas and chutney.

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 11.26.45 AM

So the next time you’re in the mood for mithai or need to take mithai to that someone special’s house or you’re obliged to be fed mithai for your special occasion, we recommend giving BM Sweets a try.



812 Britannia Road West

Unit 103

Mississauga, ON

L5V 2W1




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Max’s Chicken & Seafood

Check out our review of Max’s Chicken & Seafood on Halal Foodie.


“Naturally, we compared the food at Max’s to the food at this same establishment. We feel that comparing Max’s to them is like comparing apples of different kinds: Gala vs. Macintosh.  Even though the apples look similar, they have different tastes.”

Click here for the full review.

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Dave’s Chicken & Seafood

Dave's Chicken & Seafood

Did we ever mention we love deep fried halal goodness? If we haven’t, well here we are proclaiming our love for fried halal food. We were sad to see most of Popeye’s locations close down across the GTA.

Thankfully, we were happy to see old Popeye’s locations slowly turn into Dave’s Chicken & Seafood restaurants. We first learned about them at Toronto’s Halal Food Fest 2012; however, we only got a small taste of it at Halal Food Fest.

In Ramadan we learned that Heartland (Mississauga) Popeye’s has turned into Dave’s Chicken & Seafood. Naturally, we decided to try out a couple of items from their menu. Since it was Ramadan, we decided to take-out close to iftaar time.

We ordered a couple of Hot Chicken Sandwich(es) and Chicken Xtreme Poutine.

Hot Chicken Sandwich

The Hot Chicken Sandwich had a slightly different taste, but it was very close to Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich. In fact, it was very good. As we worked towards finishing our sandwiches, we realized the sandwiches may just be bigger in size or at least they appeared to be more filling than Popeye’s sandwich. We loved the hot mayo that was used; it certainly gave the sandwich a good strong kick!

Chicken Xtreme Poutine

Since we are huge poutine fans and were excited to see poutine, we decided to order Chicken Xtreme Poutine as opposed to their regular poutine. We enjoyed the fries, gravy and cheese, but were a bit disappointed in the fried chicken that topped the poutine. We do plan on ordering poutine again from their menu, but would like to try their regular poutine next time. The fried chicken appeared to be pulled-chicken from their chicken drumsticks. Gotta say, if we had to decide between the fried chicken in their sandwich and fried chicken drumsticks, we will likely opt for the sandwich, as the latter seemed a little bland compared to the chicken in the sandwich. The cheese curds were a nice change and gave the poutine a good strong cheesy and rich taste. It was good to see cheese curds after a long time, as we’ve noticed that many halal poutine vendors tend to use frozen shredded cheese, which sort of does injustice to the poutine.

We look forward to returning and trying out other items on their menu as well.

Dave’s Chicken & Seafood at Heartland (Mississauga): 801 Matheson Blvd, Mississauga | Phone: (905) 507-0020