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Fresh East by Paramount

Did you read our review of Fresh East on Halal Foodie? If not, go check it out. We loved, loved, loved the breakfast sandwich. Mmm…


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Intense Poutine Craving


We had the biggest poutine craving a few weeks ago. What triggered our craving were our blog stats, which kept showing people searching for “halal poutine Toronto”. The problem was, we didn’t know where to go. We wanted GOOD poutine; a poutine that would be worth the calories. For someone living in the east end of Toronto, we were surprised that we had such a hard time finding a place. Our options were:

– Crown Pizza

– Affy’s

– Flavour’s Cafe

– Big Moe’s

All three options were a bit of a drive so decided against them. That is where our list ended.  We were certain that there must be more places to grab poutine at but nothing was coming to mind!

After a lot of thought we remembered that Sizzling Skillet has decent poutine. Since we live a few minutes away, we hoped this place would satisfy our craving.

One word for the poutine: awesome! It doesn’t get any better than waffles fries smothered in gravy and cheese. They sprinkle red pepper on top which really elevates this french fry dish.

So the next time you are in the east end and are craving poutine, visit Sizzling Skillet.


2290 Markham Rd

Toronto, ON M1B 2W4


(416) 321-9991


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Brunch at Spice Shack

This restaurant has closed down as of March 14, 2015

Breakfast is our favourite meal of the day. So any chance that we get to make this meal grand and fancy, we jump to it. Upon learning that Spice Shack has introduced a brunch menu, we knew we had to try it. Currently, the brunch starts at 11am but the staff told us that they may start it earlier, which is great because we like to eat our breakfast early! We ordered the Nutella Banana Crepes and the Eggs Benedict. We thought the crepes would be overly sweet but to our surprise, the sweetness was not overwhelming at all. We highly recommend trying this item.   photo 1   The Eggs Benedict were delicious as well. We asked them to remove bacon because one of us does not like it too much. The eggs were perfectly poached and seasoned well. The spicy, South Asian style side of potatoes brought in the fusion element that we like so much at Spice Shack. Yum yum yum!photo 2 Happy brunching! Address: 308 Painted Post Drive Scarborough, ON. M1G 2M3 Phone:  647 748 0786 Website:

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Chicken Club Sandwich

Chicken Club Sandwich

We recently made Chicken Club Sandwich, which turned out surprisingly good. It was fairly simple, quick and easy to prepare as well.

We apologize for the pic, as it’s not the best. We were in a rush to eat, so took a quick pic and started eating.



  • 1lb boneless chicken breast
  • Salt
  • Black Pepper
  • White Pepper
  • Pepper Flakes
  • Soy Sauce
  • Worcestershire Sauce
  • Ginger & Garlic Paste(s)
  • Yogurt
  • Mayonnaise


  • Cucumber (1)
  • Tomato (1)
  • Eggs (2-4)
  • Cheddar Cheese Slices


Add salt, black pepper, chilli powder, white pepper, pepper flakes, soy sauce, worcestershire sauce and about 1tsp of ginger and garlic paste(s). Add 2-3tbsp of stirred yogurt and mix in the chicken and spices. Let it marinate for 30 minutes to an hour. Cook chicken in a little bit of oil. Once the chicken cools down, shred it and mix in mayonnaise.

Make omelettes with salt & black pepper. Slice cucumber and tomatoes. Toast regular or wholewheat bread slices (3 slices/sandwich). Spread butter on all 3 slices, spread chicken and mayonnaise mixture on the bottom slice, put the 2nd slice on top, spread a layer of cucumbers, tomatoes and top it with a cheddar cheese slice.

In an effort to avoid wastage, we decided not to cut the crust off (as is generally the case with club sandwiches) and decided to use wholewheat bread. We used all the spices on as per taste; hence, no accurate measurements were done.

We were easily able to prepare 5-6 club sandwiches

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Veg & Salami Frittata


We are always interested in trying different things for breakfast on weekends; just so they feel a little special compared to weekdays. So a couple of weekends ago, we decided to make frittata.  We used whatever ingredients we had at home and it turned out better than expected!



  • Eggs (8-10)
  • Onion (1 medium sized)
  • Salami (a handful – chopped)
  • Bell pepper (1 – green)
  • Mushrooms (3-4)
  • Oregano
  • Mozzarella Cheese
  • Parmesan Cheese


Finely chop a medium sized onion and sauté it over medium heat for several minutes (either translucent or slightly brown – depending on your preference). Add chopped salami, mushrooms and bell pepper; cook for several minutes. Take 8-10 eggs and whisk them, add salt and pepper (black and pepper flakes) to taste. Pour it over veggies & salami and keep stirring, so it doesn’t turn into an omelette. Once you see the eggs are almost cooked (not runny anymore). Sprinkle some oregano, followed by a decent layer of mozzarella cheese and lastly sprinkle parmesan cheese on top. Take the frying pan and transfer it into the oven and broil (500C) it for up to 5 minutes (keep checking to ensure the cheese doesn’t burn).


  • Since we weren’t using an oven safe pan, we decided to transfer frittata into a cake pan (brownie pan on another occasion) for broiling

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As much as we enjoy eating steaks, pastas and burgers, we also enjoy eating bun kababs and parathas. We are fairly picky about eating South Asian food outside because we almost always return disappointed. However, there’s one take-out that’s been tried and tested and has won our hearts for bun kababs and paratha/naan rolls: Zeerah!

Zeerah is a Pakistani take-out restaurant on 3050 Artesian Dr # 16, Mississauga (Hwy 403 & Winston Churchill). It’s right off the highway and since it’s a take-out it’s fairly convenient.

Though we’ve heard a number of items at Zeerah are great, we’ve thus far only tried their bun kababs and naan/paratha rolls. We apologize the pictures we took didn’t turn out great, as we didn’t want to unwrap our food too much and wanted to enjoy it as-is. We recommend that you visit their website (listed below) to view better pictures.

Bun Kabab & Chicken Boti Roll

Firstly, we had Beef Bun Kabab with Egg: one bite and we were loving it. A perfect combination of beef shami kabab, spicy chutney, onions and plain omelette egg. It was pure goodness! It had perfect amount of spices and was super tasty!

Up next, Chicken Boti Roll: we opted for naan for the roll. Chicken boti was very well seasoned, as it should be in a desi style kabab roll. Naan was piping hot and very soft. Since we consume naan fairly regularly, we agreed it was perfect for the kabab roll. Chicken boti accompanied with onions and green chutney (might we add, spicy) in a tandoor naan turned out to be a great combination.

Chicken Bihari Kabab Roll

We had Bihari Chicken Roll: we decided to pair bihari chicken with paratha. We were concerned that it may be a pre-made paratha that you warm up and serve. It turns out that the paratha was made from scratch and tasted great. So bihari chicken paired with green chutney in a great tasting paratha made us enjoy our roll very much!

Lastly, we order Halwa Poori Breakfast from Zeerah on weekends. Their single order consists of 2 pooris, spicy aloo (potatoes), chickpeas and halwa. Of the various places we’ve ordered halwa poori breakfast, Zeerah certainly tops the list!

In our humble opinion, paratha was a better choice, but we enjoy naans just as much. If you enjoy spicy desi food and have had great tasting bun kababs and rolls back home, you’ll agree that Zeerah compels you to enjoy every bite of the aforementioned items.

Please visit their website for details (for great pictures, menu and other info): Zeerah

p.s. We are in no way related to Zeerah. We truly enjoyed the items we tried and it’s rare that we come across good tasting Pakistani food outside. Hope you enjoy their food just as much as do!


Eggs & Kabob

This restaurant has closed down.Eggs & Kabob We had a few days off and it felt like a long weekend. What better way to start your day than having a good breakfast? Since we were in the west end, we decided to give Eggs & Kabob a try. We had heard positive reviews, but were ambivalent. Nonetheless we decided to visit Eggs & Kabob for breakfast. Eggs & Kabob is a new addition to halal dining in Peel region. It is located at 120 Clementine Drive, Brampton. It is near Steeles & Mavis. Eggs & Kabob Eggs & Kabob Eggs & Kabob Upon entering we noticed the restaurant is very clean and spacious. This made us happy, as we aren’t big fans of rundown restaurants. They have a whole counter dedicated to tea (good variety), coffee, milk/creamers as well as a large selection of jams and the like. There’s another smaller counter with ketchup, napkins and cutlery. As you’re placing the order, you can see the kitchen, which also looked very clean. We got a couple of menus and got seated and decided to go through in detail to figure what we’d like to order. Below is a list of some of the breakfast items we found on the menu (all order include home fries):

  • Chicken/Turkey Sausages with Eggs
  • NY Steak with Eggs
  • Grilled Chicken Breast with Eggs
  • Variety of Kabobs, served with Eggs
  • Variety of Omelettes
  • French Toast & Pancakes

The remaining is an extensive lunch and dinner menu items. As usual, we were in the mood for both sweet and savoury items for breakfast. We decided to order Eastern Omelette (ground beef, onions, tomatoes, peppers) and French Toast. Eastern Omelette @ Eggs & Kabob We first tried the omelette and loved it! The omelette itself tasted fine (though had to add a little more salt ), but we loved the addition of well-seasoned beef kabob/sausage. And may we add, there was a good quantity of beef kabob/sausage in it. We were skeptical and thought it may not go well in the omelette, but were pleasant surprised with how well the combination worked out.  We were given the choice of toast, so we picked whole wheat. As expected, they came buttered. The homemade fries were delicious as well! We loved the way they were fried to perfection and well-seasoned. French Toast @ Eggs & Kabobs Next, we tried the French Toast (we chose white bread). The order consisted of 3 slices of french toast. They tasted perfectly fine and in line with what you would expect at most breakfast places. We got some butter and maple syrup from the counter, which complimented the french toast really well. Our overall experience was very good. We loved the fact that we could make our own tea and pick our own jams, spreads and other condiments. Our breakfast certainly felt and tasted freshly prepared, which we enjoyed very much. Up until now we used to frequent Denny’s and Cora’s in Mississauga,  but after having Eggs & Kabob, we will be coming here instead. It may by no means be an upscale restaurant, but having found a halal (meat) breakfast option makes it our preferred breakfast restaurant. We definitely recommend them! Our total with tip & taxes was $22 and change. Eggs & Kabob 120 Clementine Drive, Brampton, ON 905-453-3330


Breakfast at Sizzling Skillet

We paid a few visits to Sizzling Skillet when it first opened for lunch & dinner but we weren’t too impressed, so we didn’t think of going back. Ever (harsh, but true).

However, when we recently learned about their Toblerone pancakes, we reluctantly decided to give their breakfast a try. We are big suckers for good breakfast. So one lazy Saturday morning, we said hey, let’s go give Sizzling Skillet a try today. The one incentive we had of trying this place again was their customer service. We have always appreciated their friendly and attentive service. We thought to ourselves, it’s ok if the breakfast turns out to be not so great….at least the customer service will rock!

We were in for a surprise. The breakfast was amazing! Yes! It’s true. We ordered Toblerone Pancakes ($6.25) and Western Omelette ($7.95). The pancakes were soft and fluffy and had Toblerone shredded on top. We enjoyed these with lots of maple syrup (om nom nom anyone?). We usually think pancakes are kind of boring but these made us change our mind. These were truly awesome!

Toblerone Pancakes at Sizzling Skillet

Toblerone Pancakes at Sizzling Skillet

We also ordered the Western Omelette, which came with rye bread and hash browns. This omelette had bell peppers, onions, salami and cheese. We gotta admit, salami was the reason we ordered this particular omelette. It did not disappoint. The omelette was delicious, the veggies were sautéed to perfection, the salami was as a good as it sounded and the cheese…well, you can’t go wrong with cheese. The hash browns were okay-ish but the rye bread was great. One bite and we were surprised at how good it tasted! Our bill came up to $16 and change which was pretty reasonable for two people in our opinion.

Western Omelette at Sizzling Skillet

Western Omelette at Sizzling Skillet

We loved the breakfast so much that we decided to back the very next weekend and again ordered Toblerone Pancakes as well as Steak & Cheese Omelette Panini ($7.98). If you look at the menu you won’t find the Steak & Cheese Omelette Panini. It is because it was an item that the chef had us try as it is something he is thinking of introducing.

Steak & Cheese Panini at Sizzling Skillet

Steak & Cheese Panini at Sizzling Skillet

Hands down, this panini was the best thing we ever ate for breakfast.  Tender steak, oozing cheese, and hot sauce between two slices of rye bread. One word: UH-MA-ZING! This was so good that we didn’t want to share it with each other. We highly recommend this item. Just ask the chef to make your Steak & Cheese Omelette into a panini and you will be able to enjoy this delicious breakfast.

Steak & Cheese Omelette Panini

Steak & Cheese Omelette Panini

So if you’re in Scarborough and in the mood for breakfast (with halal meat option), make sure you visit Sizzling Skillet.

Their customer service remains very good!

Please note: We were under the impression that breakfast is only on weekends. A recent phone call confirmed that it is also available during weekdays from 10am-3pm.


2290 Markham road (At Finch)

Toronto, Ontario

Phone: (416) 321-9991