Two sisters just blogging about their passion: halal food!

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As much as we enjoy eating steaks, pastas and burgers, we also enjoy eating bun kababs and parathas. We are fairly picky about eating South Asian food outside because we almost always return disappointed. However, there’s one take-out that’s been tried and tested and has won our hearts for bun kababs and paratha/naan rolls: Zeerah!

Zeerah is a Pakistani take-out restaurant on 3050 Artesian Dr # 16, Mississauga (Hwy 403 & Winston Churchill). It’s right off the highway and since it’s a take-out it’s fairly convenient.

Though we’ve heard a number of items at Zeerah are great, we’ve thus far only tried their bun kababs and naan/paratha rolls. We apologize the pictures we took didn’t turn out great, as we didn’t want to unwrap our food too much and wanted to enjoy it as-is. We recommend that you visit their website (listed below) to view better pictures.

Bun Kabab & Chicken Boti Roll

Firstly, we had Beef Bun Kabab with Egg: one bite and we were loving it. A perfect combination of beef shami kabab, spicy chutney, onions and plain omelette egg. It was pure goodness! It had perfect amount of spices and was super tasty!

Up next, Chicken Boti Roll: we opted for naan for the roll. Chicken boti was very well seasoned, as it should be in a desi style kabab roll. Naan was piping hot and very soft. Since we consume naan fairly regularly, we agreed it was perfect for the kabab roll. Chicken boti accompanied with onions and green chutney (might we add, spicy) in a tandoor naan turned out to be a great combination.

Chicken Bihari Kabab Roll

We had Bihari Chicken Roll: we decided to pair bihari chicken with paratha. We were concerned that it may be a pre-made paratha that you warm up and serve. It turns out that the paratha was made from scratch and tasted great. So bihari chicken paired with green chutney in a great tasting paratha made us enjoy our roll very much!

Lastly, we order Halwa Poori Breakfast from Zeerah on weekends. Their single order consists of 2 pooris, spicy aloo (potatoes), chickpeas and halwa. Of the various places we’ve ordered halwa poori breakfast, Zeerah certainly tops the list!

In our humble opinion, paratha was a better choice, but we enjoy naans just as much. If you enjoy spicy desi food and have had great tasting bun kababs and rolls back home, you’ll agree that Zeerah compels you to enjoy every bite of the aforementioned items.

Please visit their website for details (for great pictures, menu and other info): Zeerah

p.s. We are in no way related to Zeerah. We truly enjoyed the items we tried and it’s rare that we come across good tasting Pakistani food outside. Hope you enjoy their food just as much as do!