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Halal S’mores Kit by Blossom and Bean


With Ramadan comes food cravings (at least for us). The other day we saw the Halal S’mores Kit by Blossom and Bean being promoted quite a bit on social media so decided to give it a try. This can purchased Modah in Mississauga for $10. Prior to purchasing the kit, we read on Blossom and Bean’s website that the s’mores can be made in the oven or even the microwave. That sounded very convenient. We were impressed by the packaging too.


Pictured above are the contents of the kit. The bag of marshmallows was larger than we had expected.

So it was finally iftaar time and we decided to make the s’mores. We looked all around the box for the directions but they couldn’t be found. Hmm…we forgot to mention that we were making s’mores for the first time and it was also going to be our first time eating them. We were a bit disappointed that the box was missing the directions for cooking them in the oven/microwave. While we knew what s’mores were supposed to look like and had a rough idea of how to make them, what we were really looking for was the cooking temperature.

Google came to the rescue. We looked up a few websites, and the approximate temperatures were 350 F or 400 F for 3-5 minutes or broil for a few minutes. We found instructions from the Hershey’s S’mores Kit online, which had instructions for the toaster oven, microwave, grill and the campfire. We also looked up online how to assemble the s’mores.


We put it in our toaster oven on 350 F for 5 minutes. The marshmallows didn’t brown and the chocolate didn’t melt. We ended up baking it for about 20 minutes for it to somewhat get the s’mores look. We were surprised because our toaster oven is heavy duty and usually cooks quickly.


Pictured above is the final look of our s’mores. As you can see, the chocolate is not oozing out as the package had shown. We should have put more of the chocolate medallions that were provided in the kit. Google showed putting only one piece of chocolate on the bottom. This is where Google failed us…and this is where the missing directions on the box would have came in handy.

In terms of taste, the marshmallow was ooey gooey and the graham crackers were yum. We really missed having more chocolate in each bite though. If you are a fan of s’mores and have been looking for a halal version, give this a try but make sure you look up the cooking directions ahead of time. Don’t leave it last minute before iftaar time!



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Halal Gummy Candies


Growing up in North America, we always longed for halal gummy candy. It was frustrating to find gelatin in almost every brand of gummy candy we wanted to buy.  We would sometimes buy them from halal grocery stores but the candy always seemed hard and stale.

All our halal gummy candy problems were solved when Blossom and Bean introduced Yumy Yumy Gummy Candy this past summer. We were in gummy candy heaven! As you can guess from the above picture, we get a bit carried away whenever we have an opportunity to buy their candy. Our favourites are Funny Bears, Wonder Worms, Savory Sharks, Lovable Lobsters and Groovy Bananas. They are $2.50 each and Blossom and Bean usually has various deals going on such as their 10 for $10 and/or 5 for $10 deals. These make great Eid presents for kids (and even adults).

These halal gummy candies can be purchased online on the Blossom and Bean website, at Kaamilah boutique located 3031 Markham Road, Unit 32 and many Muslim events throughout the GTA.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!