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Bismillah Sweets (BM Sweets)



If you know us, you know that we are die hard mithai fans. Ever since we moved to the west end of the city, we have been on the lookout for a good mithai shop.

We heard of BM Sweets through a relative and they were raving about their sweets. Since BM Sweets doesn’t have a website, Facebook group or any sort of presence online, it was a bit of challenge to find. But we did find it eventually in the Heartland area of Mississauga.


It’s a small takeout shop with friendly customer service. On our first visit, we got a small box of assorted mithai. The mithai at BM Sweets is pretty darn good. We particularly enjoyed the barfi and the gulab jamuns. On a subsequent visit, we tried their jalebi and also found that to be delicious.

Whenever we go with our little one, they have always given us a free piece of mithai. Someone sure knows how to win our hearts.


Our family enjoys their samosas a lot. We tried the chicken and veggie samosas that came with free chutney (yes, free). Our favourite are the chicken samosas. Being South Asians, we have a never ending love affair with samosas and chutney.

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 11.26.45 AM

So the next time you’re in the mood for mithai or need to take mithai to that someone special’s house or you’re obliged to be fed mithai for your special occasion, we recommend giving BM Sweets a try.



812 Britannia Road West

Unit 103

Mississauga, ON

L5V 2W1




Author: HFE

The experiences and adventures of two sisters who happen to be 'halal food enthusiasts'.

14 thoughts on “Bismillah Sweets (BM Sweets)

  1. Tried the veg and chicken samosas, both were good!

  2. Fresh authentic Pakistani Mithai. Never found mithai anywhere else.

  3. Bismillah sweets website “”

  4. Their chicken samosas had too much salt, not good if you have high blood pressure. I usually go to Pak Sweets Best barfi and gulab jamuns in town.

  5. not a die hard fan of sweets but tempting to try these jamuns

  6. Good place to buy quality desi sweets. Glabjaman are not perfectly smooth in shape. Chicken Samosas filling need improvement. Please add MOTICHOOR LADOO with nuts to your list. Also if you can have some low/no sugar items. Staff is courteous and deals with smile. I miss BABAJI there who made me his regular client.

  7. I love the concept of your blog! I love BM sweets so much!!! you just got yourself a new follower 🙂

  8. I wish we had such sweet shops here, never found one that good.

  9. best mysorepak outside of India, very nostalgic taste, wonder how they are making so same!!!

  10. well, Paksweets – got 2 lbs recently, could drain enough oil off of the sweets to make my own dish!

  11. hi, any way to order them online? any other pakistani sweet shop whcih delivers at home?

  12. hi, any way to order online? any other pakistani sweet shop whcih delivers at home?

  13. food’s ok but friendly they are not. Always seem to be in a bad mood verging on the border of rudeness.

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