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Organique Juice Bar



If you follow us sisters on Instagram (isadiaa and nadiaa88), you probably know that we love smoothies. Our Blendtec blender is our favourite kitchen appliance and ever since we bought it a few years ago there has been no looking back. As much as we enjoy making smoothies and juices at home, we enjoy trying new and interesting combos at juice bars.  We had been on the lookout for quite some time now for cold pressured juices, so when we came across Organique Juice Bar in Mississauga, we were ecstatic!


Located on 154 Queen Street South (Unit 106) in the Streetsville area, Organique Juice Bar is run by young entrepreneurs with a passion for all things healthy. Super friendly and approachable, we had a nice chat with the owners who told us that the juice bar is only six weeks new. They were knowledgable about the ingredients used in their smoothies, let us try samples of various cold pressed juices, and told us about all the new things that they will be adding to their menu. They plan on offering snacks in the near future and will be serving organic halal meat to cater to the large Muslim community of the area.


All their produce and ingredients are organic and natural, and their juices raw and unpasteurized. We really liked how the owners were dedicated to providing quality ingredients and strived to find suppliers that met their requirements. On our first trip to this juice bar, we decided to get a cold pressed juice and a smoothie.


We tried the Carrot & Company cold pressed juice made of carrot, apple and ginger. This 500 mL bottle contains almost 2 lbs of fruits and vegetables! This is made possible by the cold pressed juicing procedure that squeezes every ounce of goodness from fruits and veggies between stainless steel plates with hydraulic pressure. This juicing method allows for greater nutrition and provides more enzymes than conventional juicing methods. This particular juice that we tried was very light and refreshing. The apple and carrot combination gave it a mellow taste and the juice had just a hint of ginger.


We also tried the Banana Shake which was a blend of coconut water, banana, coconut meat, agave, nectar, goji powder and vanilla. One sip and we were sold! Maybe we were a little biased because we love banana smoothies but this was seriously a delicious drink.

We are super excited to have the Organique Juice Bar in our neighbourhood and cannot wait to visit again.



Author: HFE

The experiences and adventures of two sisters who happen to be 'halal food enthusiasts'.

5 thoughts on “Organique Juice Bar

  1. Definitely a place I’d like to visit when I’m in or around Mississauga!

  2. Love your blog. Gives me an excuse to travel to Canada from London for all the delicious food out there!

  3. I love Fresh Juice

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