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Big Smoke Burger (Square One)


Big Smoke Burger (Square One Mall)

Not too long ago we heard about Big Smoke Burger and our immediate reaction was: omg not another burger place!
Anyway, given how much we enjoy trying out new places, we thought why not give it a try, especially since it was highly recommended by a friend. We ordered Crazy Burger (requested halal beef patty) ($14.95 with onion rings and pop) and Spicy Burger (requested halal beef patty) ($14.72). Upon seeing the total ($29.67), we were skeptical and were waiting impatiently for our order to be prepared and for us to dig in.

Big Smoke Burger (Square One Mall)

To our surprise, the fresh beef patty (non-processed) lived up to our expectations and we loved the toppings on both the burgers. Actually one of us loved the Crazy Burger (alapeno havarti, coleslaw, chipotle mayo, bbq sauce, hot peppers & lettuce), whilst the other one thought Spicy Burger (caramelized onions, spicy chipotle mayo, tomato & lettuce) was better.

We thought the fries were quiet good. They were very similar to New York Fries in taste. The onion rings were good as well; just that we personally find it difficult to finish an entire order of onion rings.

We visited Big Smoke Burger’s Square One (Mississauga) location. The sign clearly indicates that you have to ask for halal beef and/or chicken. We wanted to try out their poutine, but we were informed that the gravy on poutine is not halal. We were very thankful for their honesty.

We can’t wait to go back and try other burgers on the menu!

Big Smoke Burger is located in Square One Mall’s food court. For more information, please visit:


Author: HFE

The experiences and adventures of two sisters who happen to be 'halal food enthusiasts'.

2 thoughts on “Big Smoke Burger (Square One)

  1. I really enjoy your blog. When I came across the blog entry about New York Fries Veggie Works being halal, I was thrilled. Anyway, I just want to point it out that I contacted Big Smoke Burger about their ingredients in their buns and cheese. It seems, unfortunately, either they are not halal or the company is not aware of the animal by-product ingredients used by the suppliers. This is what Big Smoke Big had to say, direct quote: “Based on the ingredient list you have provided our whole wheat and our white sesame seed bun cannot be considered Halal. In regards to cheese, while our cheese manufacturers do not list rennet as one of their ingredients for respective cheese varieties, we cannot guarantee that it is not in our ingredients.” Furthermore, in addition, they said: “Neither of our Buns nor Cheese products claim to be Halal. Should you choose to join us for a bite, I would love to suggest a delicious Lettuce Wrap in lieu of the bun. We also offer our burgers bun-less.”

  2. I’ll have two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda.

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