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Dunk ‘n Dip: Resto & Chocolate Lounge


One lazy Friday night we were in mood for dessert and wanted to try a new place. We remembered our friends telling us about Dunk ‘n Dip so we quickly google-d the location and decided to visit the Mississauga location. We had gotten mixed reviews about this place so we weren’t sure what to expect.

photo 1

Our first impression was positive. It was a bright and vibrant space buzzing with people and staffed with friendly servers. What caught our eye were the chocolate fountains. Mmm…

We took a look at the menu, which had lots of sweet and savoury options. We were torn between getting waffles or crepes. Although we wanted to try both things, we knew the portion sizes would be large and thankfully decided to share a dessert.

We ordered the Wonder Land Waffle, which had toasted waffles served with a layer of their signature cream garnished with sliced fresh strawberries, and topped with Belgium chocolate. There were four kinds of Belgium chocolate: milk, white, dark or caramel chocolate. We asked them to put all of them!

photo 3
If this picture looks scrumptious to you, we can assure you it tasted out of this world! The waffles were perfect, the cream was custard-like and the Belgium chocolate was SO good. We wish there was more of it! We also got a scoop of pistachio gelato, which is hidden behind the waffles in this picture. The pistachio gelato was not as good as we had expected.

We also tried the coconut gelato. It was also topped with Belgium chocolate. We enjoyed this flavour way more than the pistachio. Again, the chocolate just made everything finger licking good!

photo 2


We were told by the staff that the menu is fully halal. We loved the dessert at Dunk ‘n Dip and can’t wait to visit again, inshallah!


241 Lakeshore, Rd East,
Mississauga, Ontario, L5G 1G8, Canada





Author: HFE

The experiences and adventures of two sisters who happen to be 'halal food enthusiasts'.

6 thoughts on “Dunk ‘n Dip: Resto & Chocolate Lounge

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  2. Never heard of this place before but it sounds FABULOUS! I used to go to Demetres a lot, but this sounds like a welcome alternative 🙂

  3. lol…i meant Super good 😉

  4. we went there yesterday, its WAY over priced not quality pancakes and waffles…I mean over 15$ for 4 small waffles??? just 3 dishes we end up paying over 50$…I could ate steak with the same price.

    The waffles were very small and dry and pancakes tasted cheap (like out of the box pancakes)

    The chocolate is good but for sure not worth the 16$ dish…

    save your money and make it at home…

    • Yes, it is pricey but we found that the portions were quite large for the items we ordered. We always share our desserts there so it’s easy on the wallet.

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