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Chopped Canada

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Food Network Canada is the channel we exclusively watch on TV. Although many of the food competitions are boring, whenever the Canadian versions of shows start we are glued to them. So when Top Chef Canada started, we went crazy. Now that Chopped Canada started last week, we are already huge fans! To be honest, one of us sisters dislikes the American version of this show from the start. However, Chopped Canada changed this. Since the chefs are Canadian, we are somehow able to relate to them more. The first episode was exciting, but not thrilling. However, the second episode had us on the edge of our seats! We loved every minute of it.


The contestants are always interesting, have huge egos and exciting to watch. The unique and weird ingredient combinations given in each round are fun to say the least. It always amazes us when the chefs are able to transform such ingredients into wonderful dishes. Some of our favourite judges are Michael Smith, Vikram Vij, and Susur Lee.


Our favourite round is the dessert round. In episode two, chef Shelley Robinson made scrumptious looking couscous fritters with a grapefruit salad . We just wanted to reach into our TV and grab it! The judges couldn’t stop raving about her dessert creation. Chef Daniel Janetos made a couscous rice pudding with macerated grapefruit. The judges thought the pudding was heavenly! Since we love rice pudding, we were drooling over it.

You can watch the episodes online on Food Network Canada’s website by clicking here.



Author: HFE

The experiences and adventures of two sisters who happen to be 'halal food enthusiasts'.

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