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The Burgernator: Revisited

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We love The Burgernator. Like, really, truly love! It genuinely makes us happy to know that a Muslim owned burger joint is making waves in the city with their gourmet burgers. It had been awhile since we had visited The Burgernator so we decided to pay a visit after our trip to the Ripleys Aquarium (which you guys should check out).

At our most recent visit, we ordered the Fully Loaded ($10.99) and The Big Bang ($10.99). The Fully Loaded is two beef patties (12 oz total), cheddar cheese, sautéed mushrooms, caramelized onions, tomato, lettuce and burgernator sauce. We asked them to remove the fried egg as we were a little nervous about having a fried egg in our burger (although we are sure it tastes awesome). This burger was awesome! The beef patties were so well cooked that they were falling apart as we ate the burger. The burger was messy to eat but totally worth it. We do not recommend eating this in the car! Make sure you have both your hands free to eat it (a third hand might be useful too).


The Big Bang had beef patty, buffalo chicken strips, cheddar cheese, tomato, lettuce with roast garlic rosemary aioli. Om nom nom is definitely the best way to describe it. The crunchy chicken strips definitely are the highlight of this burger. Some people may find the burger a little bit bland, but dip it in the aioli and/or ketchup and you will definitely enjoy it more. The fries were great as well!

The owner, Amer Mokdad, who cooks the burgers himself, took the time to mingle with the customers. He was very nice to bring ice cream for our toddler who was a bit cranky and crying. That is what we call customer service!

We can’t wait to go back and try more of their delicious creations, inshallah! We will leave you with a picture from our trip to the Ripleys Aquarium.


The Burgernator Address: 

269 Augusta Ave

Toronto, ON

M5T 2M1

(647) 748-0990

Author: HFE

The experiences and adventures of two sisters who happen to be 'halal food enthusiasts'.

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