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Sizzlo’z Flame Grilled Chicken

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With the sudden increase in Portuguese Flame Grilled Chicken restaurants, what sets apart one restaurant from another?  We think it is the customer service and creative menu items. We experienced this at our recent visit to Sizzlo’z at the Dixie location. Judging by the high customer traffic on a weekday evening, we couldn’t have guessed that this restaurant opened up only a few months ago.

We were surprised by the fairly large size of the restaurant, which had lots of seating. The interior was well-lit, had large windows, was accented with bright colours, and best all, it was very clean!


The menu was quite extensive so we took our time to place the order. We ordered Sizz Peri Bites ($4.25), Greek Salad ($2.99), Coleslaw ($2.99), Beef Patty Sandwich with Sizz Fries ($8.99) and Half Chicken with Potato Wedges ($11.49). We liked the fact that plates were brought for us and we weren’t expected to eat out of the serving dishes. Image

We started with the Sizz Peri Bites, which were jalapeño peppers stuffed with chicken, coated with batter and deep fried. We were surprised that the pepper was not hot at all, which makes them kid friendly. The Sizz Bites were crunchy and made a nice appetizer. The Greek Salad was fresh and had just the right amount of dressing. For a bunch of people who don’t eat salad, we were able to finish all of it.




The Beef Patty Sandwich with cheese was a standard burger. The beef patty was cooked well and it is was juicy. The Sizz Fries were amazing as always. The Half Chicken (mild flavour) was exceptional as the chicken was tender and full of flavour!  We savoured every bite of it. Mmm! The potato wedges were probably our favourite side of all. It was basically baked potatoes topped with peri sauce and sprinkled with red pepper. It was finger licking good and we wished we had ordered more of it!



To end our dinner, we ordered Coconut Mango Ice Cream ($3.50). We have had this ice cream before and it has always been delicious. At Sizzlo’z, the ice cream was topped with caramel sauce, which we really liked as it complemented the mango and coconut flavours wonderfully.


Overall, we enjoyed the food at Sizzlo’z very much and highly recommend trying their flame grilled chicken and potato wedges. It is a family friendly restaurant with good customer service. The owner himself was working the front line and took the time to speak with customers, which is always great to see.


5120 Dixie Road (The one we visited)
Mississauga, ON
L4W 4J7
Phone: 905-624-2322

5606 Tenth Line West # 1
Mississauga, ON, L5M 7L9
Phone: 905-814-8100


Author: HFE

The experiences and adventures of two sisters who happen to be 'halal food enthusiasts'.

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