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Whistling Copper Kettle


Whistling Copper Kettle

So there’s a new addition to the growing list of halal fast food restaurants in GTA: Whistling Copper Kettle. We learned it will be opening in October 2013. Yesterday night we couldn’t really decide where to eat (out) and we recalled Whistling Copper Kettle. We called them up and learned they’re open for business!

Whistling Copper Kettle is located at 5425 Creditview Road (Credview & Bristol), next to Shopper’s Drug Mart. This used to be the old Salt & Pepper. The ambiance and decor is fairly average. However, their menu is expansive, including Western, Hakka Chinese and some South Asian fusion menu items. We are sure there are enough items of please everyone.

Whistling Copper Kettle

We were feeling fairly adventurous and eager to try a variety of dishes, so we decided to order:

  • Chicken Club Sandwich
  • Copper Kettle Special Chicken Steak
  • Karachi Bun Kabab
  • Philly Cheesesteak

Copper Kettle Special Chicken Steak

Our order arrived within 10-15 minutes. We first tried the Chicken Club Sandwich. The bread was nice and crunchy accompanied with toasty taste. The chicken, egg,  cheese and other toppings had very subtle taste, yet it was a tasty sandwich that also felt very nice and light. We enjoyed the accompanied fries and coleslaw as well.

Copper Kettle Special Chicken Steak

We next tried the Copper Kettle Special Chicken Steak. We were reluctant and didn’t know what to expect. Gotta say we enjoyed the chicken very much as well as the white sauce. The chicken breast was juicy, but also flavourful. We were pleasantly surprised and happy that we tried this dish.

Philly Cheesesteak

We then tried the Philly Cheesesteak, which we found different from the traditional Philly Cheesesteaks. It had fried onions, fried bell peppers and oregano seasoning on it. It certainly was filling. We found the oregano a little overpowering.

Karachi Bun Kabab

Lastly we tried Karachi Bun Kabab. It was chicken shami kabab with chutney and onions on a nice kaiser bun. Overall the taste was great; however, it was slightly dry.

We particularly enjoyed the Chicken Club Sandwich and Copper Kettle Special Chicken Steak. We anticipate visiting again and trying other items on the menu. The owner did indicate that they strictly use hand-slaughtered meat. The owner also mentioned something along the lines of it being the franchise of the original Copper Kettle.

Whistling Copper Kettle
#2 – 5425 Creditview Road, Mississauga, ON
(905) 816-9200


Author: HFE

The experiences and adventures of two sisters who happen to be 'halal food enthusiasts'.

10 thoughts on “Whistling Copper Kettle

  1. Great food, after a very long time had a great club sandwich, reminded me of Pakistan. The cheese steak sandwich was amazing too. Must go.

  2. After reviewing comments online decided to go whistling copper kettle bistro and forsure we made the right choice ,small cozy but great atmosphere and the dishes were amazing , tried black pepper and Montreal steak , 8oz steak with flavorful sauces to be honest we weren’t disappointed , my friends tried club sandwich and philly steak sandwich n they were so good that we had to order one more of each …their other dishes look good as well and planning to try them on our next visit from Milton, ont .. 5 thumbs up ( considering 5 friends visited the restaurant ) ;))))

  3. We decided to try Whistling Copper Kettle after receiving positive feedback online as well as from my friends. I tried the Philly Cheese Steak sandwich along with the Bun Kabob burger and both were really good. The Philly Cheese steak sandwich had great tasting tender beef and mouth watering soft bread. My friends tried some other options and they were all great. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone who is looking to try some halal Canadian food or just looking to eat good old brown or Hakka Chinese food

  4. the Philly cheesesteak is really yummy. Also the chicken corn soup was better than any other hakkah place in the gta. It reminded us of how they have it in Pakistan. I would definitely reccommend this place to family and friends 🙂

    • Happy to know you enjoyed the food Sarah. We love chicken and corn soup but we haven’t tried it at Copper Kettle yet. Thanks for the recommendation.

  5. I been to restaurant after a long time, I noticed they change their name( Copper Cattle), and I order Szechuan Chicken(one of the take out offer) I was really disappointed with the food quality. It’s really difficult me to finish such a small quantity of food. I never had a such a BAD TASTE FOOD in my life. I felt they are selling left over food.

    Its does not matter you change the name of the restaurant. For a customer better to improve the quality of food.

    I will never go again to this restaurant.

    • They changed the name but it’s not Hakka copper kettle bistro I think it is whistling copper kettle bistro and I believe they specialize in steaks / burgers / pastas / and offcourse philly steak sandwich and Club sandwiches , schezwan -manchurian are not their specialty but at least customers have some options to pick from Their menu , everybody has their own taste , some like it some love it and some don’t …good is that food is always fresh ..Jazak um allah khair

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