Two sisters just blogging about their passion: halal food!

Quik Chik


Quik Chik

We were in the mood for deep fried greasy goodness and recalled Quik Chik. We recalled hearing it used to be one of the bigger Popeyes location in the recent past, so we thought it may be safe to give Quik Chik a try.

Quik Chik

Quik Chik

Upon entering, we were pleased with the ambiance. It was freshly painted and the furniture looked new.

Quik Chik

We ordered 3 pc chicken strips, 2 sandwiches with fries, poutine and biscuit for sides.

We first tried 3 pc chicken strips and totally loved’em! We had to take a couple of bites to really enjoy the taste. The best part? It was far less oily/greasy than Popeyes. We next tried the biscuit, which was good too. Slightly less buttery and salty than the biscuits we’ve tried in the past.

Quik Chik

We then tried the Chicken Sandwich, which we thought was fine. The bun was not as soft as we expected. The chicken patty was fine. Again, less oily, which was good.

The fries and poutine tasted fine as well. The drinks that came with the combo appeared to be large sized and came with free refills.

Chicken strips were our favourite! We can confidently say that whenever we’re in the mood for fried chicken, we would definitely go back to Quik Chik.

Lastly, we found their customer service to be good and the our order arrived promptly as well. Overall, it was a good experience.

For menu, location and other information, please visit: Quik Chik

Author: HFE

The experiences and adventures of two sisters who happen to be 'halal food enthusiasts'.

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