Two sisters just blogging about their passion: halal food!

Affy’s Premium Grill

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Everybody in GTA has either heard of Affy’s or has likely tried it.

When and how did we first discover Affy’s, well that’s a story worth sharing!

Nadia was out on a skating excursion with her friends and having dinner at Affy’s Premium Grill (for the first time, shortly after when it first opened its doors in Pickering) thereafter was part of the plan. Unfortunately, Nadia fell and injured herself while skating. She was in a lot of pain, but didn’t wanna miss out on having dinner at Affy’s because (i) to try their food (ii) to see what the hype is all about.

Nadia ended up going to Affy’s afterwards for dinner. She got their famous Stuffed Cajun Chicken Breast. By now Nadia was in so much pain that a friend of her’s had to feed her. The verdict was in and she absolutely loved their food!

By the time Nadia got home, she could barely move her arm. She was taken to the hospital to make sure everything’s alright. Nadia had fractured her elbow and had a cast on for the next little while.

We sort of became a regular at Affy’s Premium Grill, to the point where we decided to take a break for a bit, so that we can enjoy their food again with the same level of enthusiasm. As commonly known, Affy’s customer service has been a hit or a miss; however, we’ve noticed it’s been improving overtime.

Here’s a list of some of our favourite items on the menu:



Stuffed Cajun Chicken Breast


Jalapeno Steak Penne

  • Antijitos (with chicken)
  • Stuffed Cajun Chicken Breast
  • Jalapeño Steak Penne
  • Fillet Mignon
  • Tiramisu
  • Pina Coladas

Though we have tried many other menu items, the aforementioned have become our favourite.

Affy’s now has 2 locations (Pickering & Mississauga). Please visit the following URL for details: Affy’s Premium Grill

We understand this is much less a review and more about how we stumbled across Affy’s. Most folks in the Muslim community in GTA have tried Affy’s. In case anyone has a particular question regarding our meal(s) at Affy’s, we’ll be more than happy to answer.

Author: HFE

The experiences and adventures of two sisters who happen to be 'halal food enthusiasts'.

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