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The Burgernator


The Burgernator

We have enjoyed eating burgers from time to time, but that all changed with once fresh, non-frozen, halal gourmet burger joints started springing up across the GTA. We’ve tried and enjoyed a variety of gourmet burger restaurants and have never looked back to frozen, pre-processed burgers. Upon hearing about The Burgernator in Kensington Market, we were compelled to try it out.

The Burgernator’s menu is quite extensive and is sure to please every palate. We decided to do a take-out due to time constraints and settled for: The Atomic Burger and The Big Bang, along with a side of fresh home cut fries.

The Big Bang
The Big Bang

One bite into the burgers and you could tell, they really are non-frozen, freshly prepared beef burgers, that were further enhanced by super soft and top quality buns.

The Big Bang: overall, it was a good burger and the addition to chicken wing certainly made it unique. The burger itself was mildly spiced. The garlic aioli that it came with certainly enhanced the taste.

The Atomic Burger: it was full of flavour for sure. You can really taste the deep fried herb-crusted cheese and as you slowly work your way through, you can taste the beef patty as well. We relied on garlic aioli to balance out the taste of deep fried herb-crusted cheese and the remaining burger.

We gotta admit that both the burgers were very unique and nothing of sort that we’ve tried before, so we enjoyed it. Given that we found the burgers to be mildly seasoned, we are looking forward to asking them to make our burgers a little more spicy and perhaps looking into other aioli (along with garlic aioli) to enhance the taste.

Home Cut Fries

Home Cut Fries: we found the home cut fries to be fairly standard. Garlic dip complimented the fries well for sure.

Though we have ideas on what to request next upon our future visit to further enjoy our Burgernator burgers, we give it a thumbs up. You really gotta give’em a try to see experience the superb quality of ingredients!

The Burgernator is located at: 269 Augusta Avenue, Kensington Market. For further information, please visit:

Author: HFE

The experiences and adventures of two sisters who happen to be 'halal food enthusiasts'.

2 thoughts on “The Burgernator

  1. I just came across this blog – love it! Not sure why I haven’t heard of it before since I’m a foodie myself. Yeay to more Halal Food Blogs in Toronto! 🙂

    ~ Shaza ~

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