Two sisters just blogging about their passion: halal food!




We recently heard that Osmow’s now has an ISNA certificate with regards to their meat/meat supplier.

As always we loved their chicken shawarma. A word of caution: their hot/extra hot sauce can be very strong for some individuals (including us; though we claim to be able to eat very spicy food).

This time around we also tried their famous Chicken on the Rocks, which is essentially a chicken shawarma plate (minus the veggies); however, their are very generous with the amount of sauces that they use (unlike most other shawarma places). So it’s their same great tasting chicken shawarma served on a bed of rice (we believe adding fries to the plate is also an option) smothered with all sorts of sauces.

We have only visited the Streetsville location so far. This location is really a takeout restaurant and parking is a problem!


251 Queen Street South, Unit 1

Mississauga, Ont

L5M 1L7



Author: HFE

The experiences and adventures of two sisters who happen to be 'halal food enthusiasts'.

2 thoughts on “Osmow’s

  1. I was wondering if you know who their meat supplier is?

  2. Do they serve Hand Slaughtered halal?

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