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Myth or Fact: Red Lobster Menu Items Contain Alcohol?


FACT (Unfortunately).

We recently heard through word of mouth that Red Lobster menu items may contain alcohol. Since we like do our own research and not follow others blindly we decided to get in touch with Red Lobster to find out for ourselves. We absolutely love their shrimp dishes compared to the other seafood dishes they offer. Hence, most of the menu items we inquired about are shrimp-based dishes.

We sent them an email inquiring whether the following dishes contain alcohol and they requested if we have any particular location in mind.

The following are the 2 locations we inquired about:

  • 790 Burnhamthorpe Rd. W., Mississauga, ON L5C3X3, (905) 848-8477
  • 3252 Sheppard Ave. East, Scarborough, ON M1T3K3, (416) 491-2507

Below is their response:

I have researched your question about the alcohol in our menu items. Upon review of these menu items, here is a list of items that do or do not contain alcohol:

  • Walt’s Favourite Shrimp – no alcohol
  • Garlic Shrimp – yes, contains alcohol
  • Shrimp Linguini Alfredo – yes, contains alcohol
  • Crunchy Popcorn Shrimp – no alcohol
  • Cheese & Crumb Crusted Tilapia – yes, contains alcohol
  • Garlic Grilled / Fire Grilled Shrimp – yes, contains alcohol
  • Haddock & Chips – no alcohol

While Red Lobster has made every effort to provide complete and current content information, our recipes and ingredients can change at any time. Additionally, we cannot guarantee that cross-contact with other foods containing this ingredient will not occur in our kitchens. Please keep these considerations in mind as you decide if these menu items can meet your individual needs.

We appreciate the time you took to write to us. If Guest Relations can be of further assistance, please reply to this email or write us again through our website at

Please bear in mind that the response is strictly for the menu items we inquired about and only for the 2 particular locations. Therefore, do not jump to conclusions about all their locations and it’s best to contact them directly for further clarification and details.

We contacted Red Lobster to see if it’s possible to request the aforementioned menu items without alcohol:

Currently, we can not modify our recipes, so we would ask that you please select the menu items that are free of alcohol already.

We appreciate the time you took to write to us. If Guest Relations can be of further assistance, please reply to this email or write us again through our website  at

We are uber upset because Red Lobster was one of our favourite places to eat and we always enjoyed their fabulous service. I guess we can still go for their complimentary biscuits 😦 .


Author: HFE

The experiences and adventures of two sisters who happen to be 'halal food enthusiasts'.

7 thoughts on “Myth or Fact: Red Lobster Menu Items Contain Alcohol?

  1. But almost every Italian restuarant etc you eat in has alcohol in their food. The assumption is that alcohol evaporates with heat so the intoxicating properties are no longer there. And it is haram for that reason. Anyway, I just know that yea they might wash the pan with alcohol but it evaporates and it’s more for the flavor of the fruit.

  2. Hi just wanted to say great job on what you guys are doing.
    Don’t know if you can answer this or not but I thought I might as well try…
    Is Nando’s in Mississauga ( @ Britannia) or Toronto (@/near Thorncliffe Park) halal??

  3. Salam guys, Just found this site. However, have you considered their biscuit containing haraam ingredients?

  4. Even their biscuits have alcohol in it… I asked the waiter at a red lobster near me they said the garlic butter glaze they put on the biscuits have alcohol in it.

  5. Note: The fish and chips are BEER Battered , therefore although they contain no “alcohol” they still have LOTS of beer in them. So it is HARAM.

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