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Pretty Sweet: A Mobile Cupcakery



Pretty Sweet: A Mobile Cupcakery (Picture taken from their Facebook page)

For those of you who know us sisters, you’ll know that we have a HUGE sweet tooth. The only reason the I went to CNE this year was to catch all the food trucks on their last day. Specifically, I wanted to check out the Pretty Sweet cupcake truck. I purposely left this food truck for the end: I wanted to leave the best for last and let me say it was totally worth it!

I am usually quite disappointed with gourmet cupcakes from fancy schmancy bakers because:

-cupcakes are dry from the inside

-there is way too much frosting!

-the frosting is sickeningly sweet

-I usually want to wipe off the frosting from my cupcake…

The cupcakes I tried from Pretty Sweet were, to my surprise and pleasure, different! Owner and baker, Savera Hashmi of Pretty Sweet, not only has a pretty Tiffany Blue truck but she has pretty amazing cupcakes hidden inside. It was quite hard to decide which flavour to get as all of them sounded so tempting. Pretty Sweet has flavours such as: Red Velvet, Coconut Chocolate, Apple, Vanilla, Peanut Butter Chocolate, Chocolate Banana and others. On my trip to CNE I tried the Chocolate Coconut and Vanilla with Chocolate frosting.

Chocolate Coconut (left) & Vanilla with Chocolate Frosting (right)

I got the Chocolate Coconut cupcake first and after taking the first bite I was in heaven! I had to close my eyes so I could concentrate on the amazing taste and take it all in. Like I mentioned above, I am seldom amazed by cupcakes and these cupcakes took my breath away. The chocolate cupcake was super moist and the coconut frosting was divine. The amount of frosting was perfect: you got a decent amount of frosting with each bite. This cupcake was definitely gourmet and at $2.75 each I thought it was definitely worth the price. After finishing the first cupcake, I ran back to the truck to try another flavour. I got the Vanilla cupcake which was freshly frosted in front of me with a milk chocolate frosting. Again, the vanilla cupcake was delicious! I shared this one with my mom and even she approved of it (which is huge btw because she doesn’t like cupcakes at all). She told me to make sure I had gotten their business card, which I did (and passed it on to a friend already).

For all our readers, I have contacted Savera personally and she has confirmed that all the cupcakes she serves on her regular menu are halal.

To try these cupcakes you need to track down the Pretty Sweet truck. You can follow the truck on Twitter for locations: Pretty Sweet.

I have had an intense craving for Pretty Sweet’s cupcakes for a few weeks now and I am almost going crazy trying to make it to the truck. Every morning I check the locations on Twitter to see if it’s close my work. No luck so far but I will not give up! I will not sit in peace until I get the older sister to try them. Whenever I find this truck next time, I am buying at least a dozen cupcakes!

Author: HFE

The experiences and adventures of two sisters who happen to be 'halal food enthusiasts'.

9 thoughts on “Pretty Sweet: A Mobile Cupcakery

  1. SWEET review! 🙂 My sister ordered cupcakes (red velvet) and cookies from Pretty Sweet for a party, they were pretty good.

  2. Hey!I really like your style, I just wanted to let you know my blog shop right now is changed to like my styles 🙂 Enjoy!xoxo Heidie

  3. Mouth-watering Taste of halal food has become very famous in every place now Fast food chains such as KFC, McDonald’s and Domino’s Pizza are all working on trials offering halal meat.

  4. I placed an order with Pretty Sweet and I was very disappointed as she is very unprofessional and unreliable. She called me two hours before I was suppose to pick up my order and cancelled. She said some issues came up. I gave her the benefit of the doubt and she said she could deliver it at a later date. I asked her to deliver the order the following week and she “no showed”. I must say, she has to learn a few things about running a business…as she lacks customer service and professionalism. So, before you place an order with Savera, think twice as she might not deliver and you might be stranded with no cake at your celebration….

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