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Myth or Fact: McDonald’s Fries are Haram?!?



Someone was concerned about the halal-ness of McD’s fries in Canada. Called and clarified over the phone, plus found the following on their website, which I thought I should share:

“We do not use beef tallow in our fries. Our fries do not have any meat additives and do not come into contact with any meat or meat-containing components during their preparation. They are cooked in 100% vegetable oil with vegetable-based natural flavour (we phased animal fats out of our fry oil in 2007). Our restaurants also use dedicated fryers for cooking our potato products, which are separate from fryers used to cook fish or chicken products. Long story short: our french fries are suitable for vegetarian diets.”

This is for McD’s Canada website.

Folks, it’s not a bad idea to do a bit of background research before labelling anything halal or haram. Not only are you misleading yourself, but you’re misleading others and aiding in spreading rumours.

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Author: HFE

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9 thoughts on “Myth or Fact: McDonald’s Fries are Haram?!?

  1. Thanks for the info Nadia!
    The only thing I find kinda striking is that I ALWAYS believed that McD’s and all other fast food chains use 100% veg. oil in their cooking (bc their employees SAID so lol). It says that they phased it out in 2007???? That means that all this time before that, they’ve been saying the same thing and it was a lie? (I came to Canada in 2001, and they’ve always said since then that they use only veg.)
    lol, but it’s good to know that they don’t anymore :P May Allah guide us all to the right inshallah

  2. oh wow! I didn’t know they were halal!… I guess I am one of those people misguided by the rumours lol

  3. Salaams ladies! I think this is awesome :)

    My only concern is although this is the policy, not all locations follow by it. I recently asked a McDonalds location whether or not they use separate fryers and the workers told me that they do not use separate fryers. The fryer they use for fish / fries are cross contaminated for their chicken products as well. I mean not all locations do this, but some definitely do. Just an FYI :)

  4. Salam,

    Also new thing now… i am just sent and email to MD but MD Fries Poutine. i am not sure if thats the same case with that i mean the Fries are the same ones they are making but it’s the Poutine and cheese that i am kinda confused about. wondering if you can also check that for me. :P

    • Walaikumsalam,

      Welcome to the blog. In regards to the poutine at McDonalds, you should check with them about the gravy. Gravy is usually made from beef/chicken stock. It can be made from vegetable stock as well so you may want to check with McDonalds about that.

  5. Dear Mr Clarke

    Thank you for your enquiry and interest in McDonald’s. I have liased with our Supply Chain department and can confirm that at present the only products we have identified as being either produced, manufactured or have ingredients with them in from Denmark are as follows:

    · Fish Fingers

    · Filet-o-Fish

    · Pepperoni

    · Apple Pie

    Again, thank you for taking the time to contact us.


    Mike Kelly

    Internet Response Team

    McDonald’s Customer Services Department

    11 – 59 High Road

    East Finchley


    N2 8AW

    03705 244622

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